Inside the Ring Steiner TNA bound?

The Sixshooter told you that with the impending move to prime time, TNA Wrestling would start going after the big boys. TNA has intensified negotiations with several huge wrestling names. One of which – Scott Steiner – is close to agreeing upon a deal.By press time, Steiner had not finalized a deal, but that could all have changed come this past weekend’s TNA PPV.

April 13 at 9 p.m., TNA becomes a wrestling power, and some of the former WCW Monday night wrestlers have taken notice.

Bill Goldberg, who coincidentally stars on Spike’s new show “Pros vs. Joes,” has also begun negotiations with TNA Wrestling. But the oddest name of all is the Ultimate Warrior. Yes, fans, the Sixshooter just wrote “the Ultimate Warrior.”

On his official Web site, Ultimate Warrior has expressed interest in joining TNA Wrestling. Reason being, he wants to get a program together with Bill Goldberg. Goldberg vs. the Warrior would be huge for TNA, but do not expect it to happen. The money that TNA would have to spend to secure both men to contracts would be too steep.

Look for Goldberg to eventually sign a deal in the six-month to one-year range. He is on a personal mission to show Vince McMahon that not resigning him was a big mistake. Remember, folks, when Goldberg was WWE champion the ratings were steady around the higher 5.0s. The WWE is now mired in the low 4s and high 3s.

Speaking of the WWE, it just resigned Gregory Helms and is working toward redoing Chris Benoit’s expiring contract. One name that will not be returning is Eric Bischoff. The WWE has decided to let his contract run out. Look for TNA to be all over him when it does.

Booker T is another performer who has resigned with the WWE. Expect big things for him in the next six months. As for the health situation of Kurt Angle, word has it that this WrestleMania might be his last. Continuing neck injuries may force the former Olympian to retire from the ring.

A local wrestler, Jay Lethal, who used to wrestle with Ring of Honor, has signed an exclusive deal with TNA Wrestling. He is going to get a huge push in its X-Division. As for the current X-Division champion, Samoa Joe, he has signed a new three-year deal with TNA.

JBL is on the shelf with a knee injury and should be out for a couple of months. For all of you who enjoyed watching Stacey Keibler on “Dancing With the Stars,” do not expect to see her too much longer in the WWE. The long-legged superstar is looking to get out of her last six months and pursue acting. Hopefully, the career move goes better than Sable and Chyna’s.

While you are watching this worthless World Baseball Classic, save some time for the WWE’s return to Saturday night. “Saturday Night’s Main Event” is back after a 10-year layoff come March 18. The show will feature Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels, John Cena and HHH vs. Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle, and the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Chris Jericho and TNA Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage have landed roles in the next Clive Owen flick, “Shoot ‘Em Up.” Paul Giamatti also will be in the film. It is a pure action flick that should be worth a look. Speaking of movies, the WWE’s first film “See No Evil” has a new trailer out.

Starring Kane as a serial killer, “See No Evil” has been getting some publicity on Yahoo Movies. A low-budget horror film is the best way to start for WWE. If it catches on, WWE could make a considerable amount of money. The next WWE movie to come out will be “The Marine” starring John Cena and Kelly Clarkson.

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The Sixshooter leaves you this month with a famous quote from Arn Anderson, “People don’t ask how you won, they ask if you won.” Words to live by, AA. That’s all for this month, folks.


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