Inside the Ring The return of Sting

As reported earlier by yours truly, TNA wrestling was given an influx of new cash by its move to Spike TV. The first signing from this new money was Christian. Now the second one is way bigger than that. Former WCW champion, Sting, has signed a new one-year contract with the company supposedly worth around $300,000.

Sting has popped his head in and out of TNA over the past couple years, but his signing is a big deal for a company lacking top stars. Yes, TNA has some great young talent that can wow you in the ring, but without the big name stars to draw an audience in there will not be huge ratings.

The next name to sign on the dotted line should be the artist formerly known as Kanyon. He was given a tryout match a couple weeks ago at Turning Point and impressed the TNA management. The next big names in sight for TNA are Scott Steiner and Goldberg. Both would have to take lesser money than they are accustomed to, but have been open to the idea so far.

As for the WWE side of things, there is no truth to the rumors of Jeff Hardy returning to the company. He was seen backstage at a Smackdown event a couple weeks ago, but he was not there negotiating. He was there visiting his brother, Matt, and other friends. Although there have been problems between TNA and Hardy, he is still under contract.

Look for HHH to end up facing John Cena for the world title at Wrestlemania. HHH has played nice over the past four months and now wants his title back. The WWE usually does what he wants (Ric Flair feud, firing China, demoting RVD and Steiner) so look for the title change to happen on “the biggest stage of them all.”

WWE films is about to release its first movie. “See No Evil,” starring Kane, is set for a mid-May release. This is a big deal for the WWE because it has two other movies in production right now. One is starring John Cena, the other is starring Stone Cold Steve Austin. There is a lot of money to be made in the movie industry if you can find that one big hit, and the McMahons know this.

What happened to the Hurricane? That’s the question fans have been asking since his change over back to Gregory Helms. Well, the answer to that question is he has been on “Sunday Night Heat.” For some reason Viscera makes his way to TV, but a talented guy like Helms cannot do so. Seems like that is just a bit odd.

As for Eric Bischoff, no, he has not been let go by the WWE. The plan for him is to eventually come back in some sort of managing capacity. He has around eight months left on his contract, and I doubt the WWE will pay him to just sit home. There is an idea floating around that he may manage a returning, “3-Minute Warning.”

TNA’s next PPV, “Final Resolution,” will be headlined by a Jeff Jarrett/Monty Brown vs. Sting/Christian match-up. Also being talked about is a rematch of AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe. If you have not seen this one yet, try to get a hold of it. It was that good. As for the WWE’s upcoming PPV, “New Year’s Revolution,” the headliner is going to be the Elimination Chamber.

Look for John Cena to come out of there with the belt. Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Carlito and Chris Masters do not have a chance. Not with the HHH/Cena situation looming. But no matter what, this match should be entertaining. Elimination chambers always are.

There is no news to report on the Kevin Nash situation. Nash has been sitting home since having a heart scare before “Bound for Glory.” Word is he did not have a heart attack, and was not told he cannot wrestle again. Nobody knows whether Nash will decide to ever lace up the boots again, but as of right now he is still under contract with TNA. Nash did, however, land a role in the new Adam Sandler movie, “Grandma’s Boy.” He will play a mover in the film and is supposedly very funny in the part. If it is anything like his appearance in “The Longest Yard” it will be worth a look.

Well, that is all for this month Sixshooter-a-holics. Remember to check me out over at where I do update often.

And, finally, here is this month’s quote from Ric Flair, “Whether you like it or you don’t, it’s the best thing going today…Woooooooo!”


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