Carrying on the tradition New Year’s resolutions come in all varieties

People make New Year’s resolutions all over the world. The tradition first began in Babylonia (modern day Iraq) 4,000 years ago, but the ideas are still fresh today.

The most popular resolution in those far-off times was to return farm equipment, according to many websites on the topic, but residents within the Hudson Reporter towns had a few different ones.

The intent is still the same, though – to treat each other and ourselves better.

“My resolution is to go to the gym regularly and take vitamins. I was pretty good at doing that last year, and I just feel so much better. Working out makes you look better and have more energy.” – Hoboken resident Candice Ney, a U.S. History teacher at Livingston High School in Livingston. I just opened my store, Vuka International, last month, so I really want to focus my efforts on being successful in business. I also want to quit smoking. Not for my health – it’s just too expensive.” – Jersey City resident Melvin Scott, the owner of an African-American import store “I hope the best for myself and everyone else for 2006. Everybody needs a good year. It’s not a resolution, just a wish – good will, like that.” – North Bergen resident Elvis Rodriguez, a service worker at Jersey City Medical Center “I don’t drink or smoke, but I want to watch what I eat more. I also want to help people and not get mad at the homeless I see when I go around the county to shop. I want to be more tolerant of them, and maybe give them a sandwich or some clothes.” – Retired Secaucus resident Anthony Adosci, who lives in Kroll Heights senior housing “I need to behave better – to stop yelling and not trusting my girlfriend. Sometimes I think she’s playing me [cheating on him] but she’s not. I have to stop being so jealous.” – Union City resident Marvin Velasquez, a senior at Emerson High School. With him was his girlfriend, Hasbrouck Heights High School senior Jessica Brown. They have been seeing each other for five months. “I haven’t had time to think about resolutions. There’s a time for everything, and now’s the time for child rearing. In past years, I’ve made resolutions around lifestyle changes, like being more active healthwise and such.” – Weehawken resident and stay-at-home mom Pearl Chambers. “I will behave better at school.” – Memorial High School (West New York) student Edwin Ventura “I will stop asking my mother for everything and help more around the house.” – West New York School student Gerson Bonita “I want to spend more time with my family and get to sleep earlier so I can get to morning class on time.” – West New York School student Ganriel Bonita


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