He is.

he is sound and sweet seduction.
kind and tender.
kitten fur and hot california sunshine.
he is the swing in my walk.
the match to my attitude.

he is surpise and cold ice cream
sinful and heartstopping.
sunglasses and hot pavement in summer.
he is the crush of leather against my skin
the rhythm to match my heartbeat.

he is smell and endless fields of daisies.
fresh and clean.
white linen and laundry soap.
he is the quiet sound of a forest.
the breeze to match my breath.

he is harshness and sheetrock,
gritty and messy.
A tornado full of dust and debris.
he is the hammer against my nail
the strength to match my will.

He is freedom and a bird in full flight.
Proud and mythical.
A head-wind and a long way down.
He is the spray from a mountain waterfall
The risk to match my leap.

— Megan Leigh McDonald

I Have No Wall

Confession is an obsession I have to remove
the thoughts I keep in my possession.
The profession of my conscience leaves my
soul with a clearer perception,
with the exception of one reflection.
A preconception that I will be open to others,
for close inspection and judgments uncovered,
by all of those who have destructive druthers.
But as I create a fate of limitations upon my existence,
a persistence of distaste dominates my reluctance,
to believe I’ll be received with truth and acceptance,
and so conviction and addiction fulfill me with repentance.

So as I learn to let go of the facade that I show
In the depths of my soul is where you will go
That is my true confession – Meghan Lisabeth Clegg

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