Thank you all for voting for me

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank all my supporters; those who came out and voted for me in this year’s School Board election, as well as the many who helped my campaign in so many ways.

I ran as an independent candidate with little money and even less name recognition, and I am very proud to have held my own against the Mayor, the Superintendent of Schools and the candidates they endorsed. In a race in which only 2,700 residents turned out to vote, fewer than 300 additional votes would have gotten me elected.

I had hoped to work for a public school district that offered the best education $50 million can buy. At $21,000 per pupil, Hoboken has more than enough money to guarantee our students a quality education, much better than they receive. I will continue to watch the current administration’s spending, to be sure our money is spent to directly benefit our students and their education. I also plan to hold Senior Prep Day next month, to ensure that our students benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise our community has to offer.

I ask that everyone who wants to see our public schools become the premier system in New Jersey get involved, attend Board of Education meetings, ask questions and demand answers.

One election day has passed but our voices can still be heard. It’s not too late to change another system that is not working for us. Please take the time to vote May 10th. Together we can make a difference.

Theresa Minutillo


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