Lenz deserves our applause

Dear Editor:

Time and again the public stands up and passionately voices their opposition to the Mayor’s agenda and time and again the Mayor and his Council majority ignore the public. What stands out from this outsiders point of view is the main players who almost always have recurring roles at the microphone telling the public what we need to hear.

Some are better at this than others and all deserve our applause. Michael Lenz stands up for all residents of Hoboken who are otherwise mislead or misinformed on the issues or have been around the wrong politicians for far too long to know better. These issues need to be voiced and changed, and of course with change comes casualties. The only people “kicking and screaming” are the majority council lead by Council President Del Boccio and his obnoxious side kick Chris Campos and the disrespectful Michael Cricco along with those at the Mayor’s reelection headquarters who team up against no one more so than Michael Lenz and anyone else who opposes the Mayor’s agenda.

Have you not seen the television or print ads, the whining and crying of our Mayor who is already acting like he’s been defeated? I have yet to see their so-called supporters show their faces at meetings and more importantly, speak at the right time in public on the council majority’s behalf. I only read childish one liners appearing after the fact in the paper by someone sounding desperate and hoping for a chance to save face after losing a fight.

As a relatively new resident, voter and witness to what very well may be the most corrupt town west of the Hudson River, I am pleased to know that some people stand up and speak out on the behalf of those of us who can’t, won’t or refuse to. I am one of those people and what I get when listening to Michael Lenz speak is usually a breath of fresh air, amongst all the clouded smoke and fire that this City Council majority spits at the public. His intellectual tones and prose capture this city Council by surprise with the magnitude of the facts he states, maybe that’s why the Council majority are always trying to quite him. This man stands out as the most well-informed player standing on the side of the public. He is the epitome of diplomacy, professionalism and poise. In the eye of the storm, calm rest in the words Michael Lenz speaks. We should all be more quite. Listen and thank him when he’s done.



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