What is it? The shaken popular martini consists of a shot of Ketel One vodka, two ounces of Apple Pucker, a splash of pineapple juice, a splash of lime juice and with a cherry in the bottom of the glass.Taste: Sweet and sour, and quite strong but it goes down smoothly. It’s easy to drink and both men and women enjoy it.

Cost: It’s $7:50 at the Liberty Bar and Grill in Hoboken. On Mondays it’s half price.

Goes well with: The appletini is an ideal pre-hangout drink at a bar or club. It’s a cool drink to kickoff a night out, said Liberty bartender Anne Test.

“It’s the new fun drink to do. It’s hot and sexy and it looks cool,” Test said.

Why now? Why not? Martinis are the drink of choice in the mile-square city and the Appletini is a popular one. The cocktail can be ordered throughout the year, and it has become a good alternative to the Cosmopolitan.

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