Why did the administration pass over the most qualified person?

Dear Editor:

I have just read the brief entitled Parking Utility Director Named in the January 25, 2005 issue of the Hoboken Reporter, and I would just like to make a few comments about the statements made by Mr. Bill Campbell, spokesman for the City.

In this story, Mr. Campbell states that four persons had been interviewed for Director of the Hoboken Parking Utilities, and the first three candidates have taken positions elsewhere. Since there were only four interviews given, that would mean the Director for the past nine years that I know of, Mrs. Jo Ann Serrano, who managed to keep the Authority financially in the black, with millions being passed onto the City, was unexplainably passed over, since she was the fourth person to be interviewed. According to Mr. Campbell, he could not elaborate on why Mrs. Serrano was not offered the position.

1. I wonder why Mrs. Serrano was not offered this position? Could it be that Mr. Roberts does not want any women in a high ranking position within his administration? After all he has thus far managed to eliminate every woman who has held a high ranking position with the City.

2. Could it be that Mr. Roberts is looking to win over the remnants of the Hoboken First movement? After all Mr. Roberts did have Vincent Addeo appointed as interim Councilman for the Third Ward, after Councilman Anthony Russo resigned from the office. I must remind you that Vincent Addeo was the Hoboken First movement candidate for the Third Ward and was soundly defeated by Anthony Russo, and when it came time to run for the entire remainder of the term, he was also defeated by Michael Russo, son of Anthony Russo. Need it be said that Mr. Corea was the candidate for the Second Ward Council seat and was soundly defeated, coming in third in a field of three?

3. Mr. Campbell went on to give the educational background of Mr. Corea. On paper, if it is factual, looks impressive, but he further went on to state that Mr. Corea has an extensive background in financial management. He certainly does. I have just finished reading a report issued by the New York Stock Exchange, which states that Mr. Corea was charged by the Exchange with having violated eight of its rules. Mr. Corea was found guilty of all charges and was censured and permanently barred from membership and from any employment or association in any capacity with any member or member organization. If this is Mr. Corea’s extensive background in financial management, then I do not believe that Mr. Roberts has done much research on this appointment.

4. Mr. Campbell went on to state that Mr. Corea has also served as a volunteer member of the Hoboken Parking committee since October of 2003, apparently in an effort to bolster Mr. Corea’s credibility. To this I say, first Mr. Corea was appointed to the committee by Mr. Roberts, and I am sure it was a prelude to appointing him as the Director. Secondly, since its inception, this committee has had but two meetings and has not offered one good recommendation to alleviate Hoboken’s parking problems.

I must apologize to all my friends and relatives who I may have persuaded to vote for this administration in the last election, with the exception of Councilman Soares and Councilwoman Marsh. But I assure you this mistake will not happen again.

Frank (Butch) Turso


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