Shovels, shovels everywhere! UC, WNY residents grin and bear yet more snow

At this point, some North Hudson residents are like punch-drunk fighters, listing to the side struggling to keep their equilibrium. Their opponent? The particularly brutal winter that most of the Eastern United States has endured. Below freezing temperatures and above-average snowfall have combined to strain local budgets as well as the dispositions of many residents.

However, after last Tuesday’s snowfall, The Reporter wandered Union City and West New York and found that the majority of residents have adopted a “what’re ya gonna do?” attitude towards the weather.

“It’s tough because the town comes by and plows the snow onto your car, and then they patrol around and give you tickets if you don’t move your car. I know I should own a shovel, but it wouldn’t fit in my apartment. I don’t really mind the snow, though.” – Paul Horton of West New York, who was digging his car out of a snow drift with a bucket.

“I’m just cleaning the car off so it is clean for tomorrow, and really, I don’t mind the work. It’s ok.” – John Barros of West New York, who was chipping ice of the front bumper

“It’s the winter – what are you going to do? I have two cars to dig out, and my neighbor was graceful enough to snow-blow one of them in. I’ll just take my time. I really have had enough of this. It really makes me think of [Jersey Shore town] Spring Lake.” – Henrietta Dwyer of West New York, who had an impressive array of shovels laid out before her.

“What can I tell you? It’s just too much. You just have to deal with it.” – Hector Hererra of Union City

“It’s just too much. We have no room to begin with. We have no space for all this snow.” – Judy Franco of Union City, who was helping Hector Hererra shovel the sidewalk

“I’m from Michigan and this isn’t even close to what we’d have out there. Out there we’d have snow and ice that could kill you, so this is really nothing. It’s God’s will, you just have to deal with it.” – James Fleming of Union City. (Pictured on the right with his friend and fellow building superintendent Alberto “Chico” Then, also of Union City).


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