North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue is to be commended for saving many lives & much property

Dear Editor:

During the afternoon of Friday, January 16, I was notified that there was a working fire on 34th Street in Union City and that there were people in the building. I rushed to the scene, hoping against hope that on this frigid, windy day, firefighters, who were battling the elements as well as this fire, would be able to save these people’s lives.

Not only was every person in the building – at least nine, including children – evacuated safely, but the firefighters of the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue contained the fire and kept the flames from spreading to adjacent structures. With the winds gusting as they were that afternoon, that was no small feat.

I want to take this opportunity to thank North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue – Group 2 under the command of Deputy Chief Eric Enauen for their dedication and professionalism in this potentially disastrous fire. I have said it before and I will say it again, if it were not for the members of North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue over the past several years, our City and the North Hudson area in general, may have lost much property and many lives. Your commitment to this community is so very much appreciated.

Brian P. Stack
Mayor/Director of Public Safety


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