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Hey, Eugene. I wanted to e-mail you and thank you so much for coming to the show last night (Jan. 23, Eugene at Maxwell’s). I really wasn’t sure if you would make it or not, and you did. I really hope you enjoyed yourself. I’m psyched we sold out Maxwell’s last night, and that the show was a success. I really wanted to thank you for making, though. It meant a lot to us. Thanks again! – Jaime Rose Della Fave

Eugene’s new album, Escaping the Paparazzi, can be found at Tunes in Hoboken.

More gracias

My friend Abby just called my cell phone and left a message about coffee, bagels and the current Current (Looking for an answer/Jan. 22). She said “It’s quite lovely, really.” I am away, but just wanted to thank you for the article. A huge hookup. Thanks a lot. Hope you can make the show at Whiskey. – Dave Oberacker

Oberacker’s Seeking Homer performs at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken on Feb. 5 at 9 p.m.

Win concert tickets

Last week’s winner, Phil Della Fave, correctly answered “Dalmation” to last week’s question, “What kind of dog did the lead singer for Sublime have.” Della Fave won a pair of tickets to see Seeking Homer on Feb. 5 at the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken and a pair of VIP cards for the Whiskey Bar.

For your chance to win tickets to see The Mosquitos, Stewkey’s Nazz and The Color Bars at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Feb. 13, and a pair of VIP cards for the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken, correctly answer the following question:

***Who is dumber: Kid Rock or Fred Durst?***

Email your answer to current@hudsonreporter.com attn: Concert tickets.

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Eugene’s corner

Starting this week, I will be providing readers with a brief editorial note on the Back Page. Many readers have requested, sometimes even begged me, to share my opinions. Well, Hudson County, you can now rest peacefully because I have plenty of nonsense to write about and now I have a forum. I will also use this column to reply to letters and tackle really controversial issues regarding government, religion, and race relations. Well, okay, I may never get around to discussing any of those hard-hitting issues, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means I’m too busy trying to figure out how they put bubbles in beer and how every French word ending with the letter “t” would sound if people pronounced the “t.” Oh, and my opinion for this week is as follows: Pats will lose the Super Bowl because I don’t like them.

(Editor’s Note – Sorry, Eugene. The only team that could have beaten the Pats was the Colts, and they didn’t. Come into my office and we’ll make a bet.)


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