Ocean Bottom

What is it? This elegant stirred martini is made up of a shot of Absolut Citron, about two ounces of 7Up, a splash of lime juice, and half a shot of Blue Curacao liquor, topped with a decorative Swedish Fish candy.

Taste: Ocean is a very sweet ‘tini with an easy warm alcohol kick, thanks to the Absolut. It’s served chilled and the dry liquor goes down smoothly.

Cost: It’s $9 at the 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken. Tip not included.

Goes well with: The Ocean is an ideal pre-hangout cocktail, preferably for women doing their best Sex and the City impression. It’s trendy and sophisticated; good for an elegant evening with a date or to enjoy at a high-end party with friends.

“Next to our Apple Martini, the Ocean Bottom is very popular,” said 3 Forty Grill bartender Nicole Sclafani. “It’s sweet but strong. Women like it because martinis are fun.”

Why now? Since Hobokenites love their martinis, the Ocean is strong enough to keep drinkers buzzing during the winter months. The 3 Forty features half-price martini night on Wednesdays.

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