Website reminds me of the al-Queda

Dear Editor:

There is new website that is being used by people that express their opinions but refuse to sign their name. To me this is disturbing because these writers operate like the al-Queda group because as of this time we can’t tell who they are. Their main objective is to put innocent people down and are trying to take away the dignity from innocent people that work for the Board of Education or for the City of Union City.

I have the greatest respect for every writer that writes a book whether the book is controversial or is a positive book. Every great book that has been written, most of the time, the author’s name is included and for the record, the greatest book of all, the Holy Bible, has its authors. Needless to say, I have no respect for these little minds that lack the courage to indicate their name. In my opinion, most readers know who these mal-contents are. I’m sure these al-Queda writers are not happy people and enjoy ripping decent people apart. This website to me is shameful, and these writers remind me of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. All of you are sneaky and can’t be trusted like the above mentioned characters.

I want to make my case clear. The people that you have been putting down are good citizens and truly deserve better. Also, I’m not responding to this website because in the past you have put me down, but I’m responding because you have put down innocent people that are positive individuals to our community. I’m letting these coward individuals of this unreliable website know that I will continue to express my concerns and defend the innocent people your website has been attacking, and I will not let you take away the dignity of those that you have decided to unfairly attack. I’m convinced that your website will not succeed in whatever you are trying to accomplish. The American people and every group that lives in this great country do not appreciate people that live to deceive a city, a county, a state or our incredible country.

Oscar Cordero


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