Thanks to Oren Dabney for true public service

Dear Editor:

Around this time last year, Jersey City was hit with a huge snowfall. As the snowplows began to do their work, they accidentally destroyed five different fences along Montgomery Street by Van Vorst Park.

We want to thank the Jersey City Incinerator Authority in general and Director Oren Dabney in particular for coming to our aid. Jersey City has been financially strained for decades. Many use this as the eternal excuse to not provide true public service. Oren Dabney stepped forward and assumed responsibility for the snowplows which the JCIA had contracted out for. He understood the sadness residents felt when they saw some of the improvements they had fought long and hard for destroyed. Though there was only one specialist in the JCIA capable of such work, he had the five fences recreated and installed within a half month.

We are grateful to JCIA Director Oren Dabney and would like to present him with an award for appreciation during our big Spring planting this coming May. Mr. Dabney doesn’t make excuses, he makes our City better.

Dr. Clifford S. Waldman
FVVP Co-Chairman
VVP Construction Advisor


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