Political New Year’s resolutions for 2004

Dear Editor:

1. President Bush — to find weapons of destruction.
2. Governor McGreevey — another term as governor.
3. Assemblyman Lou Manzo — to clean up Trenton.
4. Senator Jon Corzine — to be the best Democratic leader of all time with no money.
5. U.S. Rep. Robert Menendez — Vice President of the U.S.
6. Bret Schundler — Governor anywhere.
7. Sen. John McCain — to pass all of his bills without getting mad.
8. Gerald McCann — wipe ex-con from his record.
9. Bob Torricelli — I wish I was Senator again.
10. J.C. Mayor Glenn Cunningham — to head State Senate Budget Committee.
11. Robert Janiszewski — to keep eating cheese.
12. Nidia Colon — to sleep through the next 37 months.
13. Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise — to stay County Executive forever. I love this job.
14. Brian O’Reilly — to be Councilman at large.

Paul Marlu Maiellaro


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