Breach of Security

Dear Editor:

The top priority of our government officials should be the security and safety of our own borders and our own citizens.

We know we have at least ten million undocumented illegal aliens in the United States. We also know it costs the American tax payer billions of dollars each year to support law breakers. Where else would illegal aliens be allowed to collect SS, food stamps, medical, medicaid and all other handouts without having to prove some form of identification.

According to the news media and our elected officials, we can not locate those aliens who broke the law to enter this country. September 11, 2001 gave us the opportunity to stop immigration for at least ten years. That would have given the United States time to concentrate on locating most of those illegals who are supposedly lost in the crowd.

On October 3, 2003, in Liberty State Park, N.J., Gov. James McGreevy, Sen. Jon Corzine and Rep. Robert Menendez welcomed thousands of undocumented illegal aliens who demonstrated for what they considered was rightly theirs. Because our politicians pandered to the above illegals, they missed an opportunity to round up and report these aliens to the country from which they came.

V.E. Rummey


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