A little compassion & consideration means a lot to the elderly

Dear Editor:

Much has been written about the trials and tribulations of our senior citizens. They are given pills to extend their lives, but are never given enough help to make their lives worthwhile.

For instance, when they request a taxi, the driver will rarely stop at the curb giving our seniors enough room to get in or out in comfort. Gone are the days when the driver will help our elderly over ice and snow so they reach the sidewalk in safety. We get the same sad story when our seniors venture out to use the bus system. Many times the bus will stop too far away from the curb and the driver is seldom willing to lower the step so each passenger can get on and off the bus with ease.

I notice many of the above drivers are from other countries and few speak English. You would expect these drivers to appreciate this land of freedom which has given them a decent living and a much better way of life than if they had stayed where they were. I think the time has come for the above drivers to show a little more consideration and lots of compassion toward our elderly. Many are frail and need to be assured of a comfortable, safe, clean ride on the way to their destination.

V.E. Rummey


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