Lack of recreation hurts Ward C Journal Square

Dear Editor:

The severe lack of athletic facilities in the Journal Ward has hit epidemic proportions that need to be addressed for the future. The fact that children have few places to enjoy sports is tragic. This also applies to adults also because playing sports should be a lifetime thing.

I believe a great area to build such a facility is the old Mueller Macaroni Factory on Baldwin Avenue. The land has been vacant for years and is also an eyesore for the area. I am sure funding will be a problem, but it is something that has to be done. Healthy and happy citizens will transfer into an economic gain for the area.

Every ward in the city has some area that has basketball, tennis, handball courts, etc. The only park in the entire ward is located at Journal Square and that is a sitting park. The time has come for the citizens of Ward C to get services the other five wards in the city receive.

Bill Horan


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