Holiday wishes Local residents reveal their Christmas desires

As the aromas of Thanksgiving dinner fade from people’s minds, thoughts invariably turn to the coming Christmas season. And while most people’s culinary dreams may have been met, it is rapidly becoming that time of year when lists are made and malls become inundated with folks trying their level best to find a bargain and fulfill their loved one’s fondest wishes.

The Reporter recently took a walk around Union City and West New York and sampled what is on local residents Christmas lists.

“I want peace for all the world and most importantly to me, freedom for all immigrants.” – Ledys Tobon, Union City

“I want one thing. Scratch that – I want two things – an electric heater and that whole world peace thing. I can get behind anything where people live.” – Ricardo Mercado, West New York

“I want money and a new phone, which I will buy with that money.” – Jessica Wilson, West New York (pictured with her friend Mike Gonzalez)

“I want some video games. Any kind of sports video games for my PS2 system.” – Carlos Arce, West New York

“I would like the troops to come home for Christmas. That’s what I want the most.” – James Elmore, West New York


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