Dear Editor:

It is American stupidity that can always be counted on to make a mountain out of molehill.

The panic in the voices for or against gay marriages is incredible to the ears when a quite evident solution is in plain kindergarten-level sight.

The right wing is paranoically in fear that God ordained (in their prejudiced stunted minds) standard man and woman marriage is in jeopardy. To become open minded was never their forte, but if they tried it, they might like it.

Was it Shakespeare that said “what’s in a name?” The gay community I’m sure will agree to the old style, in the future be referred to as Marriage “A” and the new categories be recognized Marriage “B” for boy and boy; Marriage “C” girl and girl. The arch conservatives will still keep their life style without change or loss. They will become magnanimous in allowing room for other mindsets. That’s called learning to live together on the only planet we now inhabit.

Now inject a little tolerance and equality by legislating that marriage whether, A, B or C all receive the same privileges and rights, recognition and tax treatment, (the whole package) and still maintain their holiness and prestiges. Everybody wins.

Angelo Nanfro


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