In reference to the Gavina outrage

Dear Editor:

It sickens me every time I think that the Gavina Brothers may have gotten away with such a heinous crime.

For the life of me, I can’t possibly imagine where the jury’s rationale stood when deliberating this case.

Didn’t they concentrate on the evidence that was presented to them? What did they think it meant when someone took a pipe to the back of Dominick Infantes’ head while Dominick was trying to disengage another pipe from someone else’s hands?

How could they possibly decide on a Reckless Manslaughter decision when the evidence showed and witnesses testified to exactly what happened?

Dominick was a wonderful young man who touched many lives every day in a very positive way. Those of us who knew him know exactly what I am speaking about. This is such a miscarriage of justice…but be assured…the jury will have something to think about if something like that happens again.

Lorraine Ammerata


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