Frank Raia leads by example

Dear Editor:

On Friday, November 14, our newest and splendidly designed supermarket ShopRite of Hoboken opened at 900 Madison Street. The emergence of this much-wanted addition to our community was made possible through the efforts of developer, Frank Raia. Thank you Frank for once again engineering a project with families and community in mind. You have always remembered your roots, be it affordable housing, construction of a new park, or making sure the children of Hoboken come first.

It is Frank’s nature to lead by example. As a family man he truly values the significance of being a man of his word. He puts into practice the meaning of “Giving Back.” And despite his hectic schedule, Frank is a conscientious School Board member with a strong desire to make sure our children are afforded a quality education.

I consider Frank a blessing, as an active member of our community, a colleague and a friend.

Fran Rhodes Kearns
Hoboken School Board member


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