We need your help again!

Dear Editor:

My name is Jolene Lucci-Natosi. Michael Stine is my nephew. Earlier last year we were told that Michael had a brain tumor that required immediate surgery. He underwent brain surgery and doctors were able to remove a portion of the tumor attached to his brain stem and insert a permanent shunt to reduce the fluid buildup around his brain. The months following the surgery were a physical and emotional struggle, but thanks to the love and support and endless patience of his family and all of his friends, Michael was able to return to school this past September and has been leading a fairly normal life of a 15-year-old teenager.

Throughout this past year, Michael’s team of doctors have been monitoring his condition in various ways, but mainly with regular MRI screenings. Recently they found “enhancement” or “growth” of the area of the tumor, and Michael underwent a six week period of almost daily radiation treatments. These treatments, along with multiple visits throughout the year for the MRIs and check-ups, required extended stays in Philadelphia to be close to the hospital.

We knew from the beginning that his condition was going to require special care and constant monitoring and testing throughout his life. So, last year we created “The Michael Stine Benefit Fund.” The purpose of the fund is to help his family with the overwhelming financial burden that is created by medial and travel necessities that are not covered by insurance.

In the first year of “The Fund” we organized two benefit events. One was a softball tournament that was held in North Bergen and a golf tournament in Pennsylvania. Both events were successful enough to significantly help with the burdens of this past year.

We are helping to repeat the success of last year and would like to invite you to join family and friends of Michael’s for our “2nd Annual Michael Stine Benefit Golf Tournament.” the tournament will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2003 at 1 p.m. at Shepherd Hills Golf Club in Wescosville, Pennsylvania. All tournament participants and friends are invited to join us for food, drinks and prizes immediately following the tournament at the Shepherd Hills pavilion.

In addition, we ask that if there are any donations or contributions that you can provide, including goods or services to be awarded as prizes to the tournament players, it would be greatly appreciated. On behalf of Michael Stine, we would like to thank you for your generosity. To get more information contact Phil or Jolene Natosi, 610-434-5760; jin218@enter.net; Ray or Gene Lupo, 610-820-5570; Tim Nagle, 610-390-7058.

Jolene Lucci-Natosi


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