Thin ice

Dear Editor:

That all is well that ends well attitude being projected by Tom Madaras, treasurer of the Westfield High School Ice Hockey Association, now that he has amicably settled his unused ice time dispute with the Secaucus Recreation Department in my opinion leaves more questions yet to be answered. Talk about skating on thin ice.

In his letter to the editor (9/7/03), he now defends Mayor Dennis Elwell and Town Administrator Anthony Iacono for the quick action on his requested refund for unused ice time during the 2001-02 ice hockey season. This is the same person who in June 2003 came to the town council meeting requesting a $3,100 refund that resulted in a heated response between Mayor Elwell, Administrator Iacono and himself. When I called attention to this problem, at the July 22nd council meeting and in your August 10th issue under the heading “What took so long to settle ‘this’ case?” a new Tom Madaras surfaced. He wrote two letters to the editor. On August 8, 2003 he wrote a letter of appreciation thanking Mayor Elwell and Administrator Iacono. On September 7, 2003 he wrote another letter to the editor addressing some points I raised in my August 10th letter, explaining now defending Elwell and Iacono as to why he believed it took so long to resolve this matter. His explanation confirms my problem with the Town Recreation Department in this matter. The problem being, why was there no contract? His explanation that it was his belief that an agreement was worked out by their previous head coach and the rink manager, who were friends and “whose word was their bond” speaks for itself. It’s no way to do business.

Let’s face it, this was not a nickel and dime transaction. This was a $300 a day operation with a $185 to $200 an hour rate, depending on the information I received during my investigation of this matter.

Let’s follow the money. During the 2001-2002 ice hockey season, the Westfield Board of Education paid the Secaucus Recreation Department $8,700, $7,500 on October 16, 2001 (ck 150184) and $1,200 on April 23, 2003 (ck. 153404) Tom Madaras requested $3,100 in July 2003, and it’s reported that in August 2003 settled for $1,500. Again, without a contract.

I cannot help but question why Tom Madaras’ letter of 9/7/03 headed “I trust this answers all the questions” believes he has “answered all the questions.” It raised more questions than it answered. No pun intended but as far as questions to be answered go, this is only the tip of the you know what.

Tom Troyer


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