I will bring ethics and honor back to politics

Dear Editor:

I will like to let you know and the public of a web site volunteers and myself are maintaining with information about my candidacy for the state assembly. This web site is at www.munozforassembly.com; on this web site I have posted my biographical information and details on some legislation I will like to see introduced and passed on the assembly if elected. I believe that like myself, many citizens in our district are infuriated with the lack of ethics from our elected officials. I call upon all electorate to contact me with new ideas or to discuss any issue they believe of importance. My personal phone number is 201-362-6179, and my email is josemunoz@munozforassembly.com.

I will also like to add that I do not consider myself neither a Republican nor a Democrat but a “reformer.” I strongly believe that our district is in need of new reforms, and I will fight for the people of my district to return ethics and honor back to the political establishment.

Jose Munoz
Candidate for the State Assembly


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