Now is the best time to save and protect Liberty State Park

Dear Editor:

It’s truly an oxymoron — the “Liberty State Park Development Corporation.” From its inception, the Development Corporation has done nothing but to hinder and act in contravention of the beneficial use of Liberty State Park, and the needs of the public in relation to the Park. Indeed, as an oxymoron, its very name, the “Liberty State Park Development Corporation,” runs counter to the nature of the Park. (No pun intended but appreciated.)

Not only is the Park a vast natural resource in the midst of a heavily urbanized environment, but it is one of the greatest hallmarks of the United States — a gateway to the United States for visitors and our ancestors, and a remarkable gateway to the greatest symbol of freedom to the world — the Statue of Liberty — and its should remain that way, instead of the eyesore that the Development Corporation continues to try to turn it into.

Once again, we are at a crossroad with the future of the Park. Right now the State has the best incentive it ever had to terminate its relationship with the Development Corporation and put an end to this debacle — the Development Corporation has been notified that it is in default with its contract with the State.

The true nature of the Park can best be expressed through the caring hands, thoughtfulness and insight of the new DEP leadership and the Park’s Interdisciplinary Planning Committee, which includes the park organizations, the Friends of Liberty State Park and the Liberty State Park Conservancy.

Help make this a reality, and stop the political forces that are at work to keep the Development Corporation intact.

Please contact Governor McGreevey and express your support for the Park, and there are several ways to do this: by telephone, 1-609-292-6000; by email: and by snail mail: Governor James E. McGreevey, PO Box 01, State House, Trenton, NJ 08625-0001.

For more information, you can go to the Friends of Liberty State Park website:

Marc Liebeskind


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