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Less is Moore

I’m sick of Michael Moore regurgitating everything he reads in the liberal press and making it a best seller by putting his has-been press photos on the cover. The stupidest, whitest male featured in that book appears in the "about the author" section. – Chuck, Hoboken

You’ve got a point, Chucky. Those press photos are irreeee…sistable.

Getting around and around

It sounds like that Maxwell’s swing scene is the place to pick up. But are these people just there to dance or do they really want to "swing?" – Harvey M., Hoboken

No guarantees. We suggest bringing your significant other just in case.

What’s in a two-step?

Out of curiosity, what is the difference between the foxtrot and the jitterbug? – Miriam, Jersey City

One of them you can be stopped with a can of Raid.

Solid advice

I can’t believe Mister Cee, the Hot 97.1 FM Deejay, actually had the wisdom to come up with advice as profound as "Know yourself. Do what you like to do." He should write an autobiography called "No Duh." – Eric, Jersey City

Interesting that you said that. It’ll be out this summer.

Tomorrow’s forecast

What’s the weather supposed to be like this Saturday? – Heather, Weehawken

With medium pressure being filtered in through the Northern peninsula, sunny skies mixed in with some midday clouds being shifted over from the west makes way for a 90 percent chance of B.S.


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