Park Avenue redevelopment is ‘not’ a campaign issue

Dear Editor:

Articles appearing recently in the local press would have one believe that the redevelopment of Park Avenue — which shares borders with Union City and Weehawken from approximately 32nd Street to 46th Street — is a campaign issue in the upcoming municipal election in Weehawken.

This is not correct. The redevelopment of Park Avenue has been a focus of Mayor Richard Turner, and myself, for a long time. As anyone who keeps up with local current events would know, Union City is not a municipality with lots of money to spend on beautification projects and both Union City and Weehawken depend on grants and other funding for these types of projects.

This may be a campaign issue for those opposing Mayor Turner, but not for Mayor Turner.

Mayor Turner and I have been discussing Park Avenue and the best way to fund improvements there since before I became the mayor of Union City. We both realize that Park Avenue is the gateway to North Hudson from the east, and it is in the best interests of both municipalities to improve the area, making it more attractive to visitors and residents.

We have discussed policing, facade improvement, street paving, and the general appearance and have agreed to work together toward a better Park Avenue — and we have been discussing it for a long time.

Anyone who believes Mayor Turner has just been sitting on this issue is simply wrong. Anyone who does not believe in the importance of Park Avenue to our mutual economy is simply wrong. And anyone who does not believe me is welcome to call on me to talk about the issue any time.

News articles have mentioned the Main Street New Jersey program. Weehawken and Union City will be working as partners to improve Park Avenue under this program. Our municipalities’ involvement in Main Street New Jersey has been in the works for some months. This is not just something we thought up for Mayor Turner’s campaign, but a project we have been working on, and hoping for, a long time.

I would advise Mayor Turner’s critics to stop putting road blocks in the way of the revitalization of Park Avenue and work with him for the benefit of their community, its residents and its business owners.

Brian Stack
Mayor of Union City


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