No reason to change leadership when you’ve seen so much positive change

Dear Editor:

Here’s the scenario. You, your children, parents, friends and many people you care about are on an airplane. It has been a long, turbulent ride. Luckily the pilot and crew have demonstrated themselves to be worthy of your trust. They have navigated the plane excellently and although you still have quite a way to go, you are comfortable with their ability and sure you will arrive safely at your destination.

Suddenly a new group appears and insists that they have a chance at piloting the plane. They mean well and they will try to do their best, but their only real argument is that the present crew has been there long enough and now it’s time for someone else to have a chance. They offer you no assurance that they can fly, have no plan as to where they are going or show you no proof that they have any former experience in flying. As a matter of fact you really aren’t sure that they know what they are doing at all. All they keep insisting is that they want their chance. I believe every single one of the passengers on that plane would have the same reaction. No way!

What makes the WIN team any different in their approach to seeking office in Weehawken? They acknowledge that Mayor Turner and the Council have done great things for Weehwaken. In fact, recent letters have even expressed gratitude. But they’d now like their own turn. Please step aside.

Sorry, but this is not a playground and the care of this town is not a ride. People don’t get to take turns. Now that the Mayor and Council have done all the hard work necessary to transform this township into the envy of Hudson County they don’t just get asked to step aside. This is serious business where qualifications, experience and results are what count. Success is rewarded with recognition and gratitude. On May 14th the majority of voters in Weehawken will do what they have been doing privately for years. Thank the Mayor and Council for the job they have done and ask them to continue by returning them to office.

I have lived in Weehawken 25 years and been Director of the Weehawken Senior Citizen’s Department for nearly the last 4. In that time, I have seen Mayor Turner and the present administration make this the kind of town everyone wants to live in. They have been responsible for safeguarding Weehawken’s small town atmosphere for the past 12 years. What makes anyone believe they would give that up now?

Sometimes, we who have lived here for many years may seem to be impatient with those who have recently moved here. It is not because those who are here for a shorter amount of time have less of a right to their opinion than those who have been here longer. The point is that things in Weehawken weren’t always as good as they are now. We old timers remember those tentative times. Decisions made then could have changed the course of this town for the worse. Instead, cool heads and smart government prevailed. Under the present administration’s watch, Weehawken was named one of the most desirable communities to reside in by New Jersey monthly magazine. This is quite a commentary.

The trouble you took to move here or the expense you went through to purchase your home here are not decisions you arrived to lightly. If you live here, you must like it here. If you like it, you have the efforts of Mayor Turner and Council to thank.

There has been plenty of talk about the “official side” of business the Mayor and Council have accomplished, but I have seen these five individuals give themselves to our community in a way that is personal and noble. I have seen them help with problems of homelessness and helplessness. I have seen them give up their time with their own families and friends so they can give to the community. For the past twelve years the Mayor and at least one council member have visited Weehawken shut-ins on Thanksgiving morning to deliver a hot meal and provide company for someone who is lonely. They have made hospital visits, comforted in time of death, and have been available to the entire community. These are people who know their constituents on a first name basis because they have made it their business to be available and ready to serve.

Now they ask to serve again. Given their track record I am grateful to them and trust in them completely. I proudly cast my vote for them and encourage everyone to take a real look at the situation. Realize where Weehawken is now as a community, how far it came to get here and what it takes to keep it on the right track. If you do that honestly, you too will vote for the Weehawken and You team.

Carmela Facchini


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