What happened to the Postal Service?

Dear Editor:

The Postal Service is at it again. They have had their hands out so often that corporations and armed forces mendicants are starting to seem reasonable. Not that they ever really are or were.

The Postal Service is an excellent example of where the Republican idea of privatizing shows that demonizing the Federal Government only serves, where conservative hearts really lie.

While I think of it, the public should be terrified at the thought of privatizing social security and other people helping programs.

As a youth I remember everybody loving the mail man. In fact they had a chance to love him twice a day because we used to have mail delivery twice a day. Those were the terrible days when everybody was forced to pay one cent to mail a post card and the audacious level of three cents to mail a letter anywhere. What a horrible job the Federal Government was doing since one day it was ordered to privatize the postal service.

Of course that was long, long ago and nobody expects to pay those prices today. You know, inflation, cost of living and all that rot. But-

To justify the cost of mail we are paying today, to justify the frequency that they have been announcing raises in postage cost, to justify the hiring of mail deliverers who cannot even read names and addresses due to illiteracy, to justify the request for government to bail them out and suggest cutting daily deliveries to less days a week, to justify the threat of claiming bankruptcy and throw the burden on the public because of their ineptitude in the affront that if the pubic uproar isn’t aroused, convinces me the average American is more brain-dead that I gave him credit for.

If Reagan solved the air-control problem by government expropriation then a subject such as the mail is even more crucial than air travel corporation’s interests. Let’s put the government back in the postal service business and rid ourselves of the Republican Conservatism that has all but convinced the man on the street that government is really the source of all evil.

If corporations can do tasks cheaper because of their vast resources and power then why can’t the government who is bigger and more powerful than any corporation do a hundred percent better than any privatization.

P.S. All government needs is better citizens.

Angelo Nanfro


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