Thanks, but it’s time for a change

Dear Editor:

Richard Turner has done a lot of good for Weehawken. When he was brought in by the state during the 1980s he helped the town out of a financial jam. But that was a long time ago. I don’t think the same people should be in power for more than 12 years no matter what their track record. That’s why many official positions, including the President of our country, are subject to term limits. We all know what happens over time when the same group holds on to power for so long. When Turner and his colleagues agreed to let outside developers substantially increase the size of the town with many more residents, workers in new office buildings and new commuter traffic, he ignored what many citizens had to say about it, and he has still refused to show us the plans insisting that we should simply trust him. This is not acceptable. I’m thankful to the Mayor for his years of service but will vote for WIN on May 14th.

Donna Hochhauser


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