First things first, Stevens and mayor

Dear Editor:

I think it’s a joke that Stevens and Mayor Roberts have the authority to discuss their grand plans for Maxwell House, when Stevens currently owns a parking lot on Sinatra Drive which is an insult to the public. Despite the fact that developers all over are building waterfront walkways, Stevens doesn’t even provide a sidewalk in front of its property. After strolling along the gorgeous walkway recently built by Hoboken (this was a Russo project, so wipe that smile off your face Mayor Roberts), a pedestrian is forced to navigate the traffic on Sinatra Drive for several hundred feet in front of the Stevens property. This is made worse by the facts that (1) cars are constantly parked in this area, despite no parking restrictions and (2) the road is full of potholes, rocks and other dangers.

How about Hoboken and Stevens get their act together now and show some respect to the public with the property they currently actually own. After that, we can talk about their plans for the future.

Jessica S.


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