Re: Animal shelter director terminated

Dear Editor:

There is a problem here for sure. A man who can get 950 homeless companions adopted has the right idea. I would be interested in the amount of animals placed before Mr. Hart took over. I would guess the figure would be close to “0%.” In this world, there are those who do and those who do nothing. Seems Tom Hart is a doer. There are hundreds of shelters who would welcome a man with this man’s knowledge and compassion. I just feel much sorrow for the animals left to the ones who only think “killing” is the answer. This Assisi Center Board has surely not done anything for the best interest of homeless ones. You need a new shelter building, then build one. Adopted pets bring income, tags bring income, spay and neuter clinics bring income. Do something besides make excuses for your sad example of what shouldn’t be.



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