Government has improved in subtle yet wonderful ways

Dear Editor:

I have now been in office for more than six months, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported us. Looking back over these last few months, I am amazed at how hard we have pulled together but I also noted that in many cases, these first few months have been more notable for what is probably not seen than by what is publicly announced.

Why? Because many of the changes that have taken place result in a City Government that provides what a government is expected to provide.

There is an atmosphere of civility in City Hall that hasn’t existed in years. The Mayor no longer stands at the dais during council meetings berating the council or the public. Genuine discussion takes place at board meetings, a direct result of Mayor Roberts’ leadership.

The directors at City Hall are working to serve the public, not only in the day to day aspects of running a city, but in long-term planning for responsible development and sound fiscal policy. City employees are working in much more efficient and effective ways, resulting in improved services and far less overtime. The streets, in my opinion, are cleaner than they have been in years. The budget has been prepared in house by a capable and professional business administrator, and our corporation counsel is cleaning up a mountain of outstanding legal issues in house, resulting in a significant savings to taxpayers.

There are any number of small improvements. My two favorites are the police officer that I see in Church Square Park when school gets out and the absence of the Mayor’s name on my son’s soccer trophy.

I have always been most closely associated with development issues, and I am excited by the changes that are taking place. Not only are we moving ahead with the master plan, but in doing so we are cleaning up a planning and zoning process that had been left in shambles. Projects are getting more consideration with far more attention paid to public opinion and quality of life issues.

Has all this been easy? No way. Have I ever gotten frustrated and angry and tired? Sure. Am I proud to be part of the changes happening in Hoboken? Definitely. And would I choose to do this again knowing what I know now? In a heartbeat.

Thanks again for your support.

Carol Marsh


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