I never imagined I would still be here but…

Dear Editor:

In the last 30 years I have had a heart attack, two separate coronary by-pass operations, a by-pass operation on an artery in my left leg, an operation on the keratic artery in my neck and sundry minor operations. I never expected to make it to the 21st Century. Has the Lord kept me here for some special purpose? Was it to get this short little ditty published? Will it unlock the door to the treasure?

“Truth that’s crushed to earth shall arise again.” O Lord, may this prophesy come to be before I die. May the truth, Your Kingdom, reign supreme over all the earth so that this unworthy servant of Yours may exit not as a smoldering wick but in a blaze of glory.

That 79-year-old grandfather of 11 angels.

Euchlich McKenna


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