My final response to ‘An even angrier American’s’ letter

Dear Editor:

This is my final reply to the thick-headed, flower child of the Woodstock era of the 60s. Her psychedelic view of the politics in this country must be distorting her mind. I agree with her accusation that our two-faced 32nd president was aware that a Japanese attack was eminent prior to WWII. The question was where and when? Contraire to her comments that she made about Winston Churchill’s eagerness to bring the USA in the war against the hun, the writer seems to forget that half of Europe was in Nazi hands. The maginot line was a farce and was overrun in a week, as well as Poland in one month. Isolation and a defensive attitude wasn’t a deterrent to the German in those days.

To correct the writer, World War I was the springboard for World War II. An obscure paperhanger from Austria incited 80,000,000 German people against the world because Germany was left to pay billions of dollars in war debts from the carnage in the war to end all wars. Thank you President Wilson and the Versailles Treaty of 1920.

The Hun as the writer refers to used the Jewish people as the scapegoat for the shambles Germany was left in after WWI. The hun under the orders of Hitler and his perverted henchmen sent 12,000,000 people to death camps. The railroad tracks led to a one-way trip to the 350 camps and up the smoke stacks. The writer also referred to Churchill’s tactics as propaganda. Had isolation been the proper logistic measure to take at the time God only knows the outcome had the allies not entered the war.

The writer refers to the Vietnam War and how Robert McNamara apologized for being terribly wrong! Consider that a three-faced President and his cabinet called the shots instead of the military. We also read where the CIA & FBI were forewarned about 9/11/01.

On 11/22/63 this country witnessed a coup in Dallas, Texas. After that fateful day, the Vietnam War was escalated to greater heights. Thanks to LBJ and company. If the writer believes Roosevelt was a culprit consider that Oswald wasn’t the lone shooter in the assassination of JFK. Kennedy’s plan was to leave the Vietnam War to be fought by the South and planned on reducing the size of US troops already there. It’s ironic how our government increased the troop numbers after the Tonkin Gulf incident perpetrated by LBJ.

As usual most liberals are in a spin zone and believe only what they want to. The writer also forgot Korea, the forgotten war, that was called a police action and cost the US 37,000 dead. Thank you President Truman. If it was a police action they should have sent police from the UN and not US forces which made up the bulk of the armies.

Today the world has shrunk considerably due to air travel and technology. The new enemy we face is right amongst us. We are not misguided patriots that had our soldiers from Nam spat upon when they returned home. We as a nation are in deep trouble at this point in time. We are a close ally of Israel and like Britain prior to WWII. We didn’t abandon Britain nor will we abandon Israel.

God Bless America. Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s later than we think it is.

Jack Turso


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