Stem the tide of stray kitties

Dear Editor:

With the onset of Spring, comes the onset of “kitten season” when thousands more homeless kittens are born on our streets and the only animal shelter in Hudson County is filled to capacity. If the thought of innocent, helpless kittens fending for themselves against cars, the elements, animals and cruel people upsets you, here are some ways you can help:

1. It can’t be said enough, spay and neuter your own pets. Remember you are morally and ethically responsible for any new lives your pet creates. If money is a problem, there are many national and local low-cost programs available SPAY USA (1-800-248-SPAY), Friends of Animals (1-800-321-PETS), and the Hudson County Animal League (201-200-1008), to name a few.

2. Regarding strays, if you are feeding one or two and you think it’s expensive, wait until there are six, then 12 and then 20. Alley Cat Allies (202-667-3630 or can give you information about the method, TNR — trap, neuter, release — and how it works. Also, SPAY USA ( and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ( have a network of people around the country who will be able to assist you.

3. If you see what you think are orphaned newborn kittens, do not remove them unless you are certain the mother is dead or they are in immanent danger. Discreetly observe the area for awhile. The mother may just be off getting food and the kittens have a much better chance of surviving if they stay with her until they are at least five weeks of age. 4. Visit your local animal shelter or rescue group if you’re thinking of adopting a pet, and don’t overlook the adults.

5. Call the Jersey City Mayor’s office 201-547-5678 or 4401 and ask when the city is going to lease the land they promised for a new animal shelter.

And remember cats can get pregnant as early as five months old. An unspayed female and all of her offspring can produce as many as 66,088 kittens in six years. Spay one cat and you save thousands of lives.

Name withheld


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