Not everything fits Luigi’s logic

Dear Editor:

Luigi Novi wrote: “Scientific reasoning involves observation and conclusion, based on rational thinking, and repeat experiments that can be externally validated.” In the creation of the universe by the Big Bang, what was the observation and conclusion of the repeat experiments of the Big Bang, and how were they externally validated? Also: what was the conclusion and validation of the following questions by the scientific method?

Who made the velocity of the moon in orbit about the earth at its present speed? If the velocity of the moon were increased, it would fly off into space, or if decreased it would fall into the earth. Who made the earth revolve on its axis 23 degrees off center? If the earth revolved perpendicular to its center, the polar regions would be too cold, and the torrid regions would be too hot. Who made the atom’s ratio of the strong nuclear force to its magnetic force at its present ratio? If the ratio of the forces were different, the fusion of hydrogen may not take place, or the fusion would be too rapid. I say God made the above as is.

God created the earth with a large quantity of fossil fuel. Before the end of the Twenty First Century, we will run out of fossil fuel. We have wasted and mismanaged this fuel given in our care. We have hydrogen fuel in our oceans, but we can’t build a hydrogen reactor for energy, which must resist the temperature of millions of degrees. Jesus is coming again to straighten us out.

Otto Hottendorf


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