Family Farmer Organization offers provisions to keep farmers and farms profitable

Dear Editor:

Can we keep our paychecks coming? Can we keep healthful food at the grocery store? Both of these “needs” are in jeopardy! Our economy depends upon the family farmer’s spending into circulation living and farm operating costs. This money is the life of the businesses and services in our towns. The entire community benefits when the farmer receives income enough to cover expenses.

Our Family Farmer Organization has developed a farm plan that maintains the employer’s profitable business, and at the same time, a healthful food supply.

We are asking that the following provisions of the FFO plan be inserted into the Federal to Farm Act of USDA:

1. Allot to each of the producers their fair share of the income from their grain production acres, dairies, etc., to meet the total needs for human consumption in the U.S.

2. Distribute to bona fide farmers (“risk takers”), a marketing card that entitles them to reimbursement from their contribution to human consumption in the United States.

3. Compensate the farmer for the difference between the market price and the “target price” (the actual cost of production as determined by USDA research). The top limit of total support per farm unit would be set by the Congressional Ag Committees.

This plan would stop farm foreclosures, restrict over-production, maintain reserves of grain as an insurance against disasters, generate a steady flow of farm income, maintain our communities and ensure care of the environment.

As a safeguard for our health, the plan lets the farmer produce healthful food under Best Management Practices.

Please ask your Congressional Delegation to support these provision.

Al P. Schmitz, President
Family Farmer Organization, Inc.


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