You reap what you sow

Dear Editor:

Jesse Jackson, the fallen preacher.

When President Clinton had an affair which brought heartache and strife,
Jesse gave him consultation and was doing the same on his wife,
How could he, when he saw all the misery brought to the family. Satan got the better of him, hoodwinked him, so he couldn’t see.

Didn’t he know what is done in the dark will surly come to light,
Shame on you Jesse. Temptation was so tempting you couldn’t do what was right.
This is truth, you can’t trust no one man, all are sinful and weak
Lord I’m praying for Jesse and his family. Send him the forgiveness he seeks.

Jesse, would you have told anyone if your sin had never been caught
Look at the pain you caused your family and the evil it has wrought.
I’m still in shock, I just can’t believe you’d do a rotten thing like that
So many people believed in you man, that’s a rightous and known fact.

Jesse, how can you help someone else when you needed help from God yourself?
You let all your good judgment pile Jesse on the devil’s shelf
I know we must forgive you and help you to find God our Father again
Who are we to judge you, we all have come short of God’s glory by sin.

Go get on your knees. If it takes fasting and prayer, so be it.
Don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t wallow in this thing and sit
For God is a forgiving Savior. Jesse He loves you and always will
He will wash away your sins Jesse, and love you better still.

The devil knew you belonged to God so he put temptation in your path.
He wanted God to shun you so you could feel his holy wrath.
Keep the faith. God has not forsaken you or is through with you yet
Remember what you sow in this world, is surly what you will get.

Georgia McLane Collins, R.A.


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