A case of twisted logic

Dear Editor:

The Star-Ledger’s deputy editorial page editor says that President Bush’s tax cut plan leaves out 12 million families who don’t pay income taxes.

You see, the logic here is that, if you pay no taxes you are being discriminated against because you get no portion of the cut!

I, for one, would like to pay No taxes; thus I would be getting a 100% cut if my tax bill of $1,000 were reduced to Zero. Can’t do better than that, unless the government could send me somebody else’s tax money; wait, they already do that for some families! It’s called welfare, earned income credit, etc.

In another area, I guess I’m being discriminated against because I did not get the Congressional Medal of Honor. Forget the fact that I did nothing valorous, brave or meritorious; that’s being too picky!

When persons of some significant intelligence [I’m assuming that a deputy editor meets that standard] use their ideological bent to arrive at stupid conclusions, then the world of career journalism suffers.

I’m hoping that such ideological madness is an aberration.

Frank X. Landrigan


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