Hometown thoughts

New York City I can see you
where the Hudson meets the sea
As ships drift endlessly past
The skyline view, for you and me.

City lights shine in the darkness
From a distance are aglow,
Buildings reaching for the heavens,
It’s the greatest place I know.

As the moon lights up the night
It’s a picture perfect sight,
From this side of the bay
Seeing you this way.

In the evening after sunset
In the city that doesn’t sleep,
The nightlife, either Broadway
or the clubs, just can’t be beat.

At a streetfair or the cafes,
on a dance floor where we all go,
A museum or the seaport,
Central Park when white with snow.

As the moon lights up the night
two men argue who is right,
people stop and they stare
but they just don’t care.

Sometimes crazy, sometimes pretty,
Always vibrant this you are,
from the airports and Penn Station
they all come, from near and far.

Christian Lack


© 2000, Newspaper Media Group