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Dear Hal,
I used to swill 80 proof brandy for a cold. I swilled so much 80 proof brandy I ended up in AA.

Why don’t you waste $50 putting it in the basket at an AA meeting? For $50 you can find out what your life is going to end up like if your booze-soaked articles are any indication of who you and where you are at right now.

Call AA info. (212) 647-1680. There are meetings all days, all hours in Hoboken and Manhattan.

Sincerely, Alcoholic Anonymous.

P.S. For more mileage, put a dollar in every basket at 50 meetings!

P.P.S. Waste your wages – not your life.

Chris Halloran responds:
Not a bad idea. Maybe the day that I take that advice isn’t too far off. – HAL
More ideas
Another way people can dodge the cold weather blues is to go to Florida. – Brett, Hoboken

Obviously you didn’t read the story carefully enough. The article is called, “Dodge the cold-weather blues: Five ways to escape winter right here in Hudson County.”

I really enjoyed reading last week’s Strange News feature (“As Middle Class as the Minivan: Sex toys outgrow the taint of pornography and emerge as home entertainment,” Feb. 1). I just thought I would share that with you guys. – Ed., Hoboken

Have you visited the web site? If you liked the press release, you’ll really enjoy the web site.

Olson fan
I’m glad Mitchell Olson survived another week of Survivor. He seems like a really nice guy. Have you guys interviewed him yet? And if so, do you know if he’s single? – Claudia, Weehawken

We’re glad he survived too. Unfortunately, Olson is not allowed to grant interviews until he’s kicked off the continent. We know that he’s not married, but we’re not sure if he has a girlfriend or not.


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