The giving wreath Local salon sponsors gift drive for kids

In conjunction with the Jersey Medical Center’s Pediatric Aids Foundation, Mad One Jacks beauty salon, located at 108 Madison St., is sponsoring a “Wishing Wreath” this holiday season. This particular “Wishing Wreath” is a wreath filled with ornaments with the names and ages of different boys and girls, from 6 months to 16 years old, who are either in the HIV Ward or HIV Program at Jersey City Medical Center. And salon owner Jack Gibson said that their aim is to provide each child with a gift and a message that their community cares and wishes them a Merry Christmas.

“I like the idea of giving back to the community,” said Gibson. “Months ago, I heard about these kinds of charitable programs at a business seminar. So I decided to ask Jersey City Medical Center if we could help.”

Gibson said he finds it disturbing that some children are able to receive so much during the Christmas season, while others get little or nothing.

“There are so many underprivileged kids out there that it bothers me that every Christmas morning, I see my nieces and nephews get tons of Christmas gifts, and five minutes after opening them, they don’t know what they got or who gave it to them,” Gibson said. “We’re so fortunate that this is just a small thing we can do for these kids.”

For people who don’t have the time to purchase a gift, the salon is also taking donations for gifts.

“After every name is taken, we’ll take all the donations and go to Toys ‘R’ Us to buy gives for the kids who were given a donation instead of a gift,” Gibson said.

Most of the participants so far have been Gibson’s clients, but anyone can stop by the salon to pick up a name of a kid. But he urges people to come soon, because they’re going pretty quickly.

“It’s been so easy to give names away,” said Gibson. “I wish it was this easy to sell shampoo.”

The salon has had the wreath up since Saturday, Dec. 2, and 50 gifts and donations of the 110 names have already been given. To participate in the program and to help the 60 remaining children, visit the First and Madison salon or call 656-1010.


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