The City’s response

An open letter to Ms. Illing:

Thank you for your letter of December 4, 2000 which you describe as a formal complaint regarding the Hoboken Zoning Code in the construction of the South Waterfront Redevelopment Project. Please be aware that the South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan governs design and construction at the South Waterfront; not the Hoboken Zoning Code. The South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan supersedes the underlying zoning code wherever it contains its own use, bulk, parking regulations, etc.

With respect to the Block C building, it is measured at 125 feet to the roof slab. In correspondence dated March 5, 1999 the Applied Companies informed my office, “The building will not have a parapet since none is required by code but will have a decorative cornice element not exceeding 5 percent of the roof area. This decorative device will be used to create better vertical scale and to approximate the larger cornice dimensions which are common to Hoboken townhouses.” In a letter dated March 8, 1999, I responded to the Applied Companies communication regarding the design, “We concur that if no parapet is provided the 125 feet would be measured to the top of the roof slab. In addition, we encourage the use of decorative cornice elements to enhance the character of the building and adapt it to the Hoboken look.” The Block C building is therefore in compliance with the South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan and design guidelines.

You also assert in your letter that the mechanical and decorative rooftop appurtenances of the Block A building will cover much more than the 15 percent of the roof area permitted under the Plan. You state in your letter that this was apparent from your viewing of “preliminary drawings.” I can assure you that when final drawings are presented for construction review, the Block A building will be in compliance with the South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan.

I therefore wish to restate that both the Block A project and the Block C project are in compliance with the South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan and design guidelines.

Robert K. Drasheff
Department of Human Services
Office of Waterfront Development


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