Russos only attack Carmelo because they’re threatened by his achievements and ambition

Dear Editor:

Although I am not one to become involved in the affairs of others, I deemed it necessary to address the issue surrounding Carmelo Garcia’s character and integrity.

Let me begin by addressing him as Memo for he is a personal friend whom I have the pleasure of knowing since high school and throughout college. As an ambitious young Latino man, Memo has been quite the advocate for everyone and anyone. At such a tender age, Memo has firmly planted his foot in the political forum. What is his purpose?

Well only time will tell, but I have never seen so many people so concerned and so threatened by this young man. Although in a negative fashion, Mrs. Russo compared Memo to the Mayor of Hoboken in last week’s letter to the editor. However, to me that is quite an accomplishment. He hasn’t even attempted to run for any office…yet. Why are certain people threatened?

Perhaps Memo’s ambitious nature places him in the forefront of the political platform and people are afraid that he may have the capabilities to bring about positive changes to the city of Hoboken.

Joel Concepcion


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