Let’s keep what’s left of our parkland for future generations to enjoy

Dear Editor:

Liberty State Park, the spectacular urban oasis just behind the Statue of Liberty is again threatened with an inappropriate commercial proposal, a privately owned water park. This proposal seriously threatens the “free and green” spirit that Liberty State Park was founded on. A water park will contribute to weekend traffic for one quarter of the year and then be vacant for the remaining three quarters of the year. Already the wonderful “great lawn” along the canal basin leading to the Hudson River is no more, paved over for a parking lot and a marine repair shop. Let’s not lose any more parkland to commercial development that belongs on private land and preserve/enhance it for future generations.

A public meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 20, 2001, at Liberty Science Center’s Williams Theater. Please attend or voice your opinion by writing this paper and elected officials.

Daniel Levin


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