Hope’s last stand

Is there hope when all you own
crumbles to dust,
And is there hope when the man comes around
and plant you for a bust
well yes there is there’s always hope
within both you and me
and though sometimes it disappears
it’s always there and free.

Hope is something that nobody uses anymore
you build your life on yesterdays, creating only more
hate and sorrow toward yourself will get you in the end
though times are bad don’t make them worse
there’s hope around the bend.

Hope is love and love is peace
together hand and hand,
it’s what we need more of today
well do you understand;
you answer me and say you do
your loves for everyone,
then spread the word around the world
and show them we’ve begun.

Teaching how to hope again isn’t hard to do,
it’s knowing that you care enough is what they’ll see in you,
give them courage and they’ll see
life in a better way,
and wisdom for the difference
that’s in both night and day.

Then I’ll know that we will have
a better life to give,
an understanding worldwide unity
for all to live.

Christian Lack


© 2000, Newspaper Media Group