Social Security offering online filing

Dear Editor:

Social Security has announced that the public can now apply for Social Security retirement benefits on the Internet at its website,

“People will now be able to apply for Social Security retirement benefits online at their convenience,” said Yvonne Bryant, Social Security manager in Jersey City.

“This new online service offers the public an easy and convenient way to obtain the benefits they expect and deserve. As we move into the twenty-first century, Social Security will be using twenty-first technology to meet the service needs of our customers.”

An applicant using Social Security’s website to apply for benefits will fill out the online application and send the information electronically to the agency. The applicant must print a copy of the completed application form, sign it and mail or bring it to the address provided by Social Security. Along with the signed form, Social Security also needs certain documents such as a person’s birth certificate to establish eligibility for Social Security benefits. An applicant can either mail or take these items to Social Security. The electronic application will be stored on a database and automatically retrieved when Social Security receives the applicant’s signed application.

Individuals must meet certain conditions in order to take advantage of the Internet retirement benefit application. For example, they must be at least 61 years and 9 months or older and plan to start receiving retirement benefits within four months.

Interested individuals can go directly to, the location of the online retirement benefits application form.

Dave Ryder
Field Representative


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