Come and visit the Assisi Center for the holidays

Dear Editor:

I want to commend Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, his animal control officer, Al McClure, and Hartz Mountain Industries for their vision and humane senses in developing a new sheltering opportunity for their animals. We are a dramatically different Hudson County in this millennium and nowhere is progress and positive change more evident than in the wonderful town of Secaucus. Of course, as everywhere in the county, change has had dramatic effect on the life of Secaucus’ residents, including their animal lives, domestic and natural wildlife. Such change demands new and different attention from the past and I commend all involved for recognizing that new demand and providing for it. The Assisi Center pledges its full support of this effort as well as assistance which we might provide.

We also respectfully urge each of Hudson’s municipalities to take like action. Each municipality is different from all of the others and unique unto itself. The various socio-economic, demographic, cultural and personal differences demand individual attention so that the life of each community is best served. Assisi pledges similar support to all such efforts.

As we reflect on this most holy and most joyous season of the year, we must be thankful for the bountiful gifts we find daily in our lives. Although we should so reflect each day of the year, it seems that this season allows us greater sense of how much we have. My wish is that you will find in your reflection a recognition that we all share in the life of this place and time. We must remember that our society is one which has been blessed in myriad ways. However, the greatness of any society is measured only by the willingness of the blessed members of that society to share with and care for those members who are less able to care for themselves. No member of the society of Hudson County has been more dramatically impacted upon by our progress and upscaling than the animal life with which we share this home and who, in fact, were here before us. Let us bless those who have no voice by being their voice, as are the leaders of Secaucus and of Hartz Mountain.

We cordially invite you to come by the Assisi Center. We would love for you to open your home to a canine or feline friend who would aggrandize your blessings. We also recommend that you volunteer some time to walk one of our babies or play with and pet them. Whatever gift you give to them will return a hundredfold.

Tom Hart, Executive Director
The Assisi Center – SPCA
Jersey City


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